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Creatively achieve all your Lifestyle and Investment Goals!

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Combining creative, visual and financial tools!

FiVibe is a tool of the 21st century helping you to achieve the goals in your life.

............ I have searched for years for something like this. I was thrilled to see that finally everything I need is in one spot! I am telling everyone about FiVibe
Jane Slack-Smith -
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Rich Goal tracking capability

Use images, tracking charts and guides on how to set goals effectively. Track your goals, record tasks and gain satisfaction from marking them as achieved.

......... I could see where I had weaknesses and where I needed improvements to achieve my social, business, emotional and financial goals.
M. A, London
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Important facts about todays market!
  • More millionaires are made in recession than at any other time.
  • Your focus and positive attitude can create opportunities!
  • Every action you take is either a success or failure!
  • Your brain rewires itself through habitual behaviour.
  • Train yourself to become wealthy!
  • Wealth management attracts more wealth!

Will you wait until the recession is over or will you take action? Don't pass by your opportunities in Life - FiVibe will help guide you to success.

Create and print amazing Vision Board Posters!

A Vision board is the concept of arranging images of a desired outcome in a prominent visual location. The images are of the things that you want to attract into your life. Seeing them often keeps your focus hard wired.

  • Edit, rotate, resize and drag n drop your images!
  • Export to pdf, or image formats. Print, post or share!
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Track and Grow Net Worth and Income!

Enter your data into the balance sheet and income statement to see where your finances really are. Make use of interactive graphing tools combined with visual aids. Use the clarity of the data to see where your weaknesses and strengths lie. Make amends and watch your wealth soar!

  • Assets Vs Liabilities
  • Income Vs Expenses
  • Export Charts and Posters!
  • Forecast Growth and income!


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Simple Video Tutorials!

Connect with your dreams using emotive visual tools, create and plan growth strategies, see your goals and aims in images. Plan ahead with cash flow forecasts and growth forecasts on your assets. Feel your wealth actually growing!

  • Reward yourself regularly!
  • Create and plan cashflow strategies

Maintain your focus on what is most important and create your reality. Can you afford not to invest in something that will help you enjoy focusing and attracting your desired lifestyle and dreams?

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Music Slide Shows

Store multiple slide shows and use these as powerful affirmations to achieve your goals and desires! Add your favourite music and edit to produce beautiful colourful slide shows you can enjoy at any time.

  • Choose images from your computer
  • Drag and drop functionality with audio
  • Slide show player
  • Simple Video Show-How


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Forecast Asset Growth

Forecast your growth per asset type or group them together. Show all your forecasts on one chart and watch your wealth grow.

  • Forecast future asset growth!
  • Set interest rates and terms monthly/ annually!
  • Export Charts!


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So easy to use with video show how!

Hit the video button on any screen to see a quick video on the screens features and how to use. Master FiVibe with ease, no manuals to read, no confusion, learn how to plan and grow your wealth using FiVibe wealth creation software!

  • Video Show-How Per Screen
  • Videos include Narration
  • Learn how to plan cashflow growth!
  • Master the software quickly


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FiVibe Software tools - Take Advantage Now!

Taking action is a crucial part of success, start your journey right now!

Thoughts become things, so put your thoughts into FiVibe and watch them grow..

For a limited time our price has been drastically reduced!

$ 57 full version !

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Limted time offer, price may increase at any time!

Desktop Application only, not suitable for mobile devices.

Don't like PayPal? ..You can also use credit or debit card payment, no sign up!

Jane Slack-Smith -
Image 1 "I stumbled upon FiVibe through Twitter. I was looking for a standalone product that allowed me to not just focus on my future goals but one that escorted me on the journey to get there. With lots of inspiration and rewards on the way to keep me focused! I have searched for years for something like this. I was thrilled to see that finally everything I need is in one spot! In the past I have wasted time and money on other products, I believe this is the most affordable and valuable tool available. Let’s face it we all need a helping hand to keep us on track and measure our success. I am telling everyone about FiVibe". Jane Slack-Smith. The Founder of Australia’s Your Property Success online property investing education hub making education affordable. UK/USA/Canada/NZ available from 2012
quotes See what our customers are saying
  • I feel more in tune with what I want in life now. I can create the vision boards that mean so much to me and the slide shows are awesome, think visionboards with music! There is so much focus with this tool.
  • Some very useful tools but the overall concept is what impresses me. You can quickly see the real picture and act on it!
  • Wow, if this won't give you focus on improving your wealth then nothing will.
  • Very creative, planning, goal setting, forecasting, tracking, all these things in one clever and un-stuffy package.
  • The quick and simple video tutorials get you up and running in minutes creating your wish list / vision board and get you to think about how you need to break down your Aims and Goals to actually achieve them.
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